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Bali thatch direct from the manufacturer and delivered nation-wide

Exotic East Trading Pty Ltd is a ten year old Australian owned and operated company specialising in importing and wholesaling of genuine Balinese thatching, well known as alang alang grass.

Bali Thatching is our Core Business

Many others who sell thatching claim to be experts, but are really only furniture or handicraft sellers, with Bali thatch being only a side line product for them.

Bali Thatching is our Livelihood

We know it ... inside and out. We must! We keep Bali thatching in stock at all times, and can arrange fast delivery nation-wide. We also shop around on your behalf for the most competitive freight price for you.

We pride ourselves on a high quality product and excellent customer service.

Alternatively you are most welcome to pick up your Bali thatch from our warehouse in South Dandenong any day of the year. Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is "the product is only half the equation in a sale. A high level of customer service completes the other half".


We are certified through DAFF (formally AQIS) in Canberra to import this product from Indonesia.


We comply with all DAFF and Australian Customs regulations when importing Bali thatch into Australia, including the very stringent fumigation and inspection regulations.

Peace of Mind

Our customers have peace of mind when purchasing our Bali thatch products as they not only comply with all government regulations but are also definitely free of any insects or disease.

Our company has been importing Bali Thatch from Bali for the past ten years, making us very experienced in the quality of various Bali thatch grades, and the process of importing. You are guaranteed we are reputable and your goods will arrive safely on time as promised.

Is your thatching damaged?

We can provide you with a quote for replacing thatching that has been damaged.

This can be done either directly on behalf of the client making the claim, or for the maintenance insurance repair company who submits the costs to the insurance company.

Contact us today to request a quote!

Customers Beware!

Please do your homework before making your purchase.

Recently, there have been many, many reports on a complaints website of a company in Melbourne who has taken customers money, promised the world and never delivered, who are now officially in the hands of receivers. However, they are still secretly trading, but under another new name.

Export Grade Bali Thatch

Purchase export grade bali thatch direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. When purchasing through us you are purchasing a thatching product that not only complies with all government regulations but is also guaranteed to be free of any insects or disease.

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