Bali Thatch

Our Bali thatch is sown, grown and harvested by hand in Bali. Bali thatch is manufactured 100% by hand and comes from a renewable and sustainable source.

Bali Thatch Products

There are two different thatched products that are required to thatch your roof. These are called strips and hips.

Bali thatch strip and hip

Bali Thatch Strips

Bali thatch strip  layered horizontally

Strips are layered horizontally across the roof between the rafters.

Strips are 2.1 metres in length and are layered at 80mm apart horizontally.

Twelve (12) strips will cover approx 2.1 square metres.

Bali Thatch Corner Hips

Bali thatch corner hips seal the corner joins and ridge lines of the Balinese thatch roof

The corner hips are used to seal the corner joins and ridge lines of the roof.

Corner Hips are 3 metres in length.

Prefabricated Bali Thatch Hips

Exotic East Trading has developed a solution in the prefabricated hip piece to make installation simple and easy. No batons are required as these are included in the strip.

Most thatching suppliers don’t offer prefabricated hips. Instead they only sell what are known as "mud bugs" which are small tufts of thatching which are very labour intensive and frustrating to install. These often work their way loose and can be troublesome.

Terracotta Crowns

Terracotta Crowns for Bali Thatch Roof

We also sell the decorative terracotta crown that sits on top of your Bali thatch roof.

Contact us to purchase your terracotta crown.

Export Grade Bali Thatch

Purchase export grade bali thatch direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. When purchasing through us you are purchasing a thatching product that not only complies with all government regulations but is also guaranteed to be free of any insects or disease.

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