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Bali thatch, traditionally known as 'Alang Alang' grass, offers a functional and environmentally friendly alternative for any outdoor structure. Installed correctly, Bali thatch provides waterproof roofing. Bali thatching requires no special skills to install and no ongoing maintenance.

With Balinese thatch you can easily create your very own exotic oasis and unique tropical atmosphere. Balinese thatch has been used extensively in Bali, and has been proven over the centuries to offer longevity.

Balinese thatch is also ideal for commercial structures or re-roofing of existing structures. By using your imagination any shape or design can be achieved to suit your application.

Export grade Bali thatch direct from the manufacturer. Eco friendly Balinese thatch, sown grown and harvested by hand in Bali from a renewable and sustainable resource

Guaranteed "Export" Quality Bali Thatch

Our Export Grade Bali thatch Our competitor's local grade Bali thatch

Our "Export Grade" Bali thatch

  • Excellent quality A-grade Bali thatch
  • Longer lasting
  • Thicker, denser and stronger
  • Identifiable by the light-colour string which stitches thatch to bamboo batten
  • Lifespan of approx 12 years

Competitors'   "Local Grade" Bali thatch

  • Poor quality C-grade Bali thatch
  • Thinner, shorter and less durable
  • Identifiable by the black string which stitches thatch to bamboo batten
  • Black string rots quickly
  • Lifespan of 1-3 years

Live the resort lifestyle in your very own yard!

Create our own Bali resort atmosphere, adding value to your investment in a very inexpensive way. Every day can feel as though you are in Bali at that tropical resort.

Follow our easy DIY Bali thatch installation instructions to create your very own tropical Balinese paradise.

However, the most cost effective way of achieving a Bali hut (saving you money) is to build the structure yourself then purchase the wholesale Bali thatching through us and install yourself.

Bali thatch is perfect for gazebos, alfresco areas, carports, over the spa, pool, BBQ Easy DIY Bali thatching Instructions Bali thatch direct from the manufacturer
Gazebos / alfresco areas
Over pools and spas
Over BBQs
Easy DIY instructions
means you can live
the resort lifestyle in
your own backyard!
Cooler in summer
Warmer in winter

Our Bali Thatch on AAMI's "Rhonda Goes to Bali"

Over the years we have been approached by film companies and production houses to supply our Bali thatching for an array of TV sets for advertisements. Click on the image below to view the recent AAMI advertisement which is currently featuring on TV. This is a great endorsement for our business, showing the calibre of professional clientele we service regularly. (Video courtesy of AAMI.)

Bali thatch on AAMI's television advertisement

Export Grade Bali Thatch

Purchase export grade bali thatch direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. When purchasing through us you are purchasing a thatching product that not only complies with all government regulations but is also guaranteed to be free of any insects or disease.

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