Ordering Bali Thatch

Bali thatch direct from the importer at wholesale prices, delivered nation wide

We offer Bali thatching as a DIY product with easy to follow installation instructions. You will be purchasing direct from the importer at wholesale prices!

By purchasing directly through us, the importer, you are eliminating the extra retail step, saving YOU money!

Exotic East Trading operates out of a large professional warehouse in South Dandenong, with minimal overheads - which means more savings for you!

We highly recommend visiting us so we can explain our product and you can compare the quality and durability of our Bali thatching products. Please contact us to arrange a visit to our warehouse.

Domestic Projects

Live the resort lifestyle! Bali thatching is the perfect roofing material for any outdoor structure. Use Bali thatch to cover gazebos and alfresco areas, over spas and pools, over BBQs and carports.

We offer helpful advice on the quantity of Bali thatching strips and corner hips you will need to complete the perfect thatched roof.

Contact us today for a quote! We will provide a great price and written details of the exact quantity of materials you will be getting for the price. This will help ensure you have enough materials to do the job right!

If you don't receive a full breakdown of materials you can be caught out with not enough materials to assemble a waterproof application and complete your project on budget.

Commercial Projects

Balinese thatch is also for new commercial structures or re-roofing of existing structures. By using your imagination any shape or design can be achieved to suit your application.

If you have a large commercial installation, we can arrange an entire container load of Balinese thatch for you at a discounted rate, delivering the container right to your door.

Samples of our Bali Thatch

Request a sample of our Bali thatch so that you can compare it with our competitors.

If you are not local we are more than happy to post you a sample piece which will show you the differences and superior quality of our Bali thatch.

The difference in quality when you place our Bali thatch beside that of our competitors will quickly become very evident.

Detailed Quote

We can provide a written quote which will include not only a competitve price but also what quantity of Bali thatch materials you are paying for.

Some other suppliers will only give you a price to cover a particular roof size, and NOT tell you what materials you are getting for your money.

Consequently, you will end up with not enough material spaced at the right rafter increments which is critically important if you desire your Bali thatch roof to be 100% waterproof.

Advance Orders and Lay-By

We take orders for Balinese thatch in advance and offer lay-by service.

Bali Thatch Installation Service

Bali Thatch Installation Service

If you do not wish to install your Balinese thatching yourself, we offer the services of thatching installers who have years of installation experience.

Many of the jobs featured in our photo gallery are jobs they have installed. This includes new jobs and re-thatching existing structures.

Landscape Designer

To our customers we also offer the services of a fully qualified landscape designer who, with his team, specialises in tropical Asian-style gardens and design concepts.

We also work side by side with many customer's builders and landscape gardeners to achieve the perfect end result.

Bali Hut Kit

If it is more a Bali Hut kit you are interested in we also offer these through our carpenters.

The Bali Hut Kits are an easily assembled project that you can do yourself. Alternatively our carpenters can assemble your Bali Hut Kit for you. All Bali Hut Kits come fully labelled, pre-cut, pre-drilled, with all the nuts and bolts you need to put it together.

However, the most cost effective way of achieving a Bali hut (saving you money) is to build the structure yourself then purchase the wholesale Bali thatching through us and install yourself.

Export Grade Bali Thatch

Purchase export grade bali thatch direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. When purchasing through us you are purchasing a thatching product that not only complies with all government regulations but is also guaranteed to be free of any insects or disease.

Photo Gallery

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