Export vs Local Grade Bali Thatch

We ONLY import "export grade" Bali thatching, NOT "local grade" thatching, which is what most importers bring into Australia.

Export grade Bali thatch is stronger and lasts longer. Consistency and continuity of quality across the batch only appears in export grade Bali thatching.

Local grade DOES NOT offer the longevity that export grade Bali thatch does.

Guaranteed "Export" Quality Bali Thatch

You want to get this right first time, and not be reinstalling your Bali thatching in 18 months time and spending unnecessary money. eg below!

In 10 years we have not had a single customer need their Balinese thatch roof replaced. This speaks volumes about our quality!

Our Export Grade Bali thatch Our competitor's local grade Bali thatch

Our "Export Grade" Bali thatch

  • Excellent quality A-grade Bali thatch
  • Longer lasting Bali thatch
  • Thicker, denser and stronger
  • Identifiable by the light-colour string which stitches Bali thatch to bamboo batten
  • Lifespan of approx 12 years

Competitors'   "Local Grade" Bali thatch

  • Poor quality C-grade Bali thatch
  • Thinner, shorter and less durable Bali thatch
  • Identifiable by the black string which stitches Bali thatch to bamboo batten
  • Black string rots quickly
  • Lifespan of 1-3 years

Compare the Difference - Request a Sample

There are many technical differences between "local grade" and "export grade" bali thatch. These differences determine how long you can expect your bali thatch to last.

We invite you to visit our South Dandenong warehouse to examine our Balinese thatching and compare it with that of our competitors.

Alternatively please contact us today to request a sample of our Bali thatch to be posted to you.

The difference in quality when you place our Bali thatch beside that of our competitors will quickly become very evident.

Photos of Poor Quality Local Grade Bali Thatch

Please click on images below to see for yourself why local grade thatch is such poor quality.

Poor quality local grade Bali thatch
Poor quality local grade Bali thatch
Poor quality local grade Bali thatch
Poor quality local grade Bali thatch

Export Grade Bali Thatch

Purchase export grade bali thatch direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. When purchasing through us you are purchasing a thatching product that not only complies with all government regulations but is also guaranteed to be free of any insects or disease.

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